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A glimpse of the Nandamojo Valley, a beautiful coastal area offering an authentic experience in Costa Rica.



Choosing to Live Abroad

Judith Donovan is an active Nandamojo resident who volunteers her time and talents for several community organizations, including Hope 4 a Street Dog. Friends ask, “Why would you move to a developing country?” “Can you drink the water there?” Sometimes it is with awe, genuine curiosity, often an incredulous disbelief. What is a developing country, I wonder to myself? (more…)

Costa Rica Is Second In World For Well Being

It is no surprise that Costa Rica is the ranked 2nd in the world for well being. There is a reason why Pura Vida is our mantra!


Private National Geographic Moment

Molly Allen Niederberger is the owner/trainer at Costa Rica Equestrian Vacation. She provides both guided tours and lessons in the Nandamojo Valley.


I was walking through the woods to one of my back paddocks when I noticed a very small bird flopping around on the ground. I got down to check it out and realized it was a baby- but probably big enough to be out of the nest. As a matter of fact, the more I looked I was convinced he was obese; his body was supper fluffy and fat and his little wings were having problems propelling his mass. If I had to guess, it was his time to go and he was just practicing flying around the low brush. (more…)

Naturally Happy in Costa Rica

Planning your getaway experience in Costa Rica begins with trust; starting with your hotel, each place you dine, any tour you take, and every person you meet along the way. Our community, encompassing Playa Junquillal north to Playa Negra and Playa Avellanas, has collaborated in an effort to create this website and share all of the best we have to offer. We hope that the information included on this site will help take the stress out of planning a vacation to our beautiful, friendly, and ecologically-minded beach communities. So explore our valley now and see all the ways you’ll be naturally happy in the Nandamojo watershed in Costa Rica.

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